What Are Impossible Realities?

So what is an impossible reality? An impossible realities can be best described as an experience that you have determined to be detrimental to your well being. However this is an experience you have actively pursued, and quite possibly prepared for your entire life. An example would be an abusive relationship or a toxic work place.

What makes experiences like these impossible realities is that you will most likely have strong beliefs and values that encourage you to continue with the experience despite the fact that in the long run you will not benefit from the experience. In the video below I discuss more about impossible realities, how they lead to mental health issues such as panic attacks and how to get past impossible realities.


Ugo is a psychotherapist and author of

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How to End Your Panic Attacks is Published

How to end your panic attacks is now published and available for download as an ebook at the following ebook retailers:

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In this video I briefly discuss what to expect when reading this book.


Ugo is a psychotherapist and life coach.



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