Treatment for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

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Hand WashingRoad 2 Resolutions offers effective treatment for people who struggle with obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) due to an obsession and a compulsion to follow through with recurring rituals and engage in irrational behaviors. A ubiquitous and cliche example would be excessive hand washing due to a phobia of germs, or ritualistic behaviors such as knocking on the door three times and turning the door knob twice before leaving the house, based on the belief that something terrible will occur if this ritual isn’t done.

If you or someone you love struggles with similar behaviors or rituals to the extent that it has begun interfering with personal and professional relationships to include lifestyle, the good news is that you can learn to bring the obsessive compulsiveness to a stop.

Treatment for obsessive compulsive disorder is two fold, the first portion would be introducing the sufferer to effective and evidenced based cognitive behavioral strategies to practice consistently for a period of twenty-one to thirty days to bring these obsessive compulsive behaviors to a stop.

The second portion of treatment will be to examine how significant early life experiences led to the development of the obsessive compulsive behaviors. The goal of the second process would be to develop an understanding for what beliefs trigger the obsessive compulsive behaviors and replace those identified unhealthy beliefs with healthier beliefs that promote a healthier lifestyle. Overall, treatment for obsessive compulsive behaviors through Road 2 Resolutions lasts for a period of sixty to ninety days depending on severity.

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