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In my work with clients who have a diagnosis of Asperger syndrome, I teach clients effective techniques, to overcome difficulties in their social and communication skills. This involves learning how to influence people and developing positive relationships  in his or her professional and personal life.

Chances are that you have always felt different from your family members and peers throughout your life, to the extent that you have come to believe that you do not belong in this world. Further, while you may have a desire to connect with others, you simply do not know how to.

A good analogy for Asperger syndrome will be blindness. When a person is visually impaired, he or she learns to compensate for little to no sight, by utilizing a combination of others senses to create a picture. Typically, these senses are a combination of hearing, echo-locating through clicks of the tongue and touch.

Asperger syndrome is social blindness, there appears to be significant impairment of a sense that allows human beings to pick up on non-verbal cues, such as reading common body languages and facial expressions. In therapy, I teach clients to compensate for such impairments through psycho-education about human nature and effective techniques.

I currently offer an intensive coaching plan, called the “Social Confidence” system.

Social Confidence System

This program is designed to help adolescents and young adults who have Asperger Syndrome (AS) and experience difficulties in socializing, learn the skills to develop natural and effective relationships.

The Social Confidence System

  1. Why are Social Relationships so Hard?

We will work together to help you gain clarity in all the ways you are challenged in social settings and help you identify what you want instead so we can design an effective path to get you what you want.

  1. Create Positive Relationships

I will walk you through social difficulties to social ease, so you can form successful relationships. You will learn and simple and effective strategies to make your life  easier in every way.

  1. Make It Stick

You will witness your greater ease in all areas of your life, and we will work to fine tune your daily practice of the simple effective strategies you have learned.

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Most people who are neurologically wired to be Asperger syndrome will live their entire lives not fully understanding themselves or understanding what it means to be Asperger syndrome. To learn more about what Asperger syndrome is, please click here.

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