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March 28, 2014

Have you ever played Pac Man? You know the addictive video/computer game where the main character is a yellow circle with a mouth, chasing down dots and consuming ghosts when they turn blue? Well if you have ever stood behind someone playing the game, you would notice that the ghosts all move in specific sequences. As a matter of fact, if you focused on the red ghost, you will soon come to memorize the sequence of movements for the red ghost, which remain the same as the player advances through each level, with the only thing changing being the speed with which the ghosts move through their sequences. The obvious reasons the ghosts move in sequences is because they have been programed to move that way. So while it may seem that the ghosts are busy collaborating with each other, to chase down and catch the Pac Man, (which adds to the excitement of the game) in actuality the Pan Man is busy trying not to bump into the ghosts as it makes it’s way around the maze collecting dots.


I have used this analogy before in a previous post, and I am using this analogy in today’s post to emphasize the importance of self forgiveness and how to forgive oneself. Some people find it hard to forgive themselves due to a cognitive bias, where they come to learn new information which changes their beliefs, but they come to see themselves as having always believed the new information in their past. This makes it especially hard to forgive oneself for past transgressions, because even though you did not know better, you have come to convince yourself that you did.


This is where the Pac Man analogy comes in, just like the ghosts in the game are programed to execute a sequence of movements regardless of what the player does, our beliefs program us to execute a sequence of behaviors, with the exemption that the behaviors are modified depending on the stimuli. However, if a person is raised to have a negative view of the world most of the time, while his or her behaviors may vary from one stimuli to the next, they will generally be mostly negative.

pac man


If you have recently come across new information which caused a paradigm shift in your beliefs and values, and you find yourself experiencing significant guilt over past behaviors, it may stand to reason that your previous beliefs motivated you to commit such transgressions. It’s not that you should not be held responsible for actions that may have hurt others or otherwise, but that understanding is the key to forgiveness.


Our beliefs dictate our actions.


If you have recently experienced an awakening to a brand new you, and you find your enmeshed with feelings of guilt and disgust with your previous actions, then forgive yourself. Understand how your beliefs at the time influenced your judgment, then make amends to those who you harmed, to include yourself.

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