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August 28, 2014

So I am at work, waiting for my next client, as I listen to this Joe Rogan podcast on depression, with his guest Carla Santa Maria. Carla states that she has extensive training in neurology and I find myself agreeing with most of what she says.

However here is the thing. If a person has depression, and let’s say that the depression is caused by low serotonin being transferred between cells, the questions is, what caused the low serotonin? Was it a radical change in diet? Dental toxins, a radical change in beliefs? Or a crisis brought about by an antiquated belief system and changing times?

As a psychotherapist, I find myself paying more attention to research on the relationships between our thinking and our neurological processes. I am a strong believer that our thoughts influence mental health and subsequently the biological processes that underlie our mental health.

I will concede that our thought processes can’t be the only factor that influence depression, however I remain a big believer that they play an important role in one’s recovery from depression.


Ugo is a Psychotherapist and Professional Life coach.

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