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Road 2 Resolutions is now offering an 8 session anger management for $800. This is an investment savings of $400. The 8 session anger management package will be based on a personalized cognitive behavioral treatment plan.
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Conflict, word cloud concept on white background.

Conflict, word cloud concept on white background.

Are you struggling with poor anger management?


Do you experience episodes of overwhelming rage which you find embarrassingly difficult to control?


Do you find yourself getting upset over seemingly insignificant slights?


Is your anger easily triggered by perceived disrespect or disappointment?


If you answered yes to at least three of these questions, then you are being controlled by your experiences with anger, which is not a good thing.


Anger is a natural reaction to things not going your way. However, regardless of how empowered you may feel when you get angry, anger is a useless emotion when it comes to solving problems. Feeling angry is triggered by a series of non-conscious beliefs which lead us to believe that we will be rewarded with certain results if we engage is specific behaviors. An example would be the expectation that people we are courteous towards will respond towards us with the same degree of courtesy. However, if we go out of our way treat someone with courtesy and that person responds by treating us poorly, it is a disappointment which usually leads to feelings of anger. It is not the feelings of anger that is the problem, anger only becomes a problem when the person experiencing the anger behaves reactionary to his feelings of anger. The goal of anger management therapy at Road 2 Resolutions, is for clients to learn how to manage their feelings associated with anger, before these feelings become out of their control.

Anger management therapy with Road 2 Resolutions focuses on cognitive restructuring. This means that beliefs which contribute to your episodes of poor anger management will be evaluated and replaced with healthier beliefs.

You will also learn to improve your self-awareness by becoming more cognizance of your feelings, and come to recognize how unhealthy beliefs influence you in overreacting to your negative feelings. You will be introduced to effective cognitive behavioral strategies which you can use to get past your feelings of anger when triggered and assertively address conflicts.

Ultimately you will learn to let go of slights and respond rationally to conflicts while maintaining your sense of dignity.

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For a sample of some of the techniques I introduce clients to, please watch this brief skit between a friend and I on how best to respond to insults and verbal bullying.

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