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Does your teen struggle with turning in his homework assignments on time? Or, does he complete his assignments and is often forgetful about turning in his assignments? Are his grades a poor reflection of what you and his teachers have assessed he is capable of achieving? Does his disorganized method carryover into his activities of daily living in the home?

In a twelve session treatment plan, your teen can learn effective cognitive strategies for getting organized, sticking to routines, staying focused, planning ahead, following through with assigned tasks, improved memory and effectively managing his emotions.

Road 2 Resolutions is now offering online counseling, via secure HIPPA video conferencing.

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Hi, my name is Ugo Uche and I have been working with adolescents for over 16 years. I spent the first half of my career working with troubled teens in residential programs and a therapeutic boarding school. I have also been in private practice for over 9 years. In my sixteen years of experience I have found that cognitive behavioral therapy is the most effective form of therapy in helping disorganized teens become more organized and successful in all facets of their lives.

Common Questions

Q; Is my son really going to improve on his ADHD symptoms working with you?

A: Every teen is different, and it is not uncommon for the change some parents are looking for with their teens to come slowly, and for others they improve on their challenges rather quickly. Regardless, the strategies your teen will learn are effective, and are potent in their effectiveness the more often your teen practices the strategies. Significant struggle in the therapeutic process is expected as your teen no doubt will initially apply the disorganized approach his takes to all facets of his life to this therapeutic process. Regardless, I am prepared for this and will guide through his initial struggle towards his self described vision for success.

Q. Will we (his parents) be expected to participate in the therapeutic process?

A. Absolutely, I frequently work with parents to recruit them in the process of helping their teen create an environment at home in which he can thrive in and also in the accountability process.

Q. Ever since he got on medication, he has been doing great, do you really think therapy is important?

A. While ADHD medication is effective in primarily improving the teens’ focus and completion of tasks, the effects of the medication are not long lasting. Overtime continued use of ADHD medication like any other medication leads to the point of diminishing returns, which leads to an increase in dosage or placement on a different brand. Even when on medication, teens with ADHD receiving cognitive behavioral therapy benefit from long lasting benefits, as their brains become rewired and more efficient for practicing habits associated with self discipline. Further, it is common for teens to reach decisions with their psychiatrists and parents to begin the process of weaning off their medication, once they have gotten into the habit of consistently following through with their assigned routines.

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