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As a clinician, my goal is to help you transition from a place of emotional suffering, and feelings of being stuck due to habitual detrimental behaviors, to a place where you are thriving.

I am a solution focused clinician and using cognitive behavioral therapy and EMDR, I help people identify their strengths and teach them how to apply their strengths towards areas in their lives in which they are struggling. People are fundamentally the same and different at the same time and our differences as individuals manifests through the interactionist effect between our personalities and our experiences.

Some of these interactionist effects result in a cluster of maladaptive behaviors which have been scientifically studied and labeled. Examples would be poor anger management, chronic procrastination, depression, chronic anxiety and obsessive compulsive disorders.

These labels don’t have to define you, schedule an appointment today and begin the process of practicing to become and experience a better you.

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At Road 2 Resolutions, the primary treatment approaches utilizedĀ are cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) , narrative therapy and (EMDR) eye movement desensitization reprocessing.

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